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When it comes to safely picking a lock, no one does it better than the experts at Northern Group Locksmith! We have an amazing team of lock picking specialists that will carefully pick through any lock without damaging the property. We’re Toronto’s leading locksmith company with a 24/7 accessibility rate. We take up to *30 minutes to reach your destination (*traffic dependable), anywhere across Toronto. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed and that’s a fact!

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A broken lock could be the result of several things. Either your lock structure is old and out-of-date or you’ve tried to jam a key with excess force. In any case, you need the professional lock picking techniques of Northern Group Locksmith Toronto  to save the day! For your convenience all our work is performed on location. We offer very reasonable prices as well. Lock picking is an art form that must be done correctly to avoid future issues. You could call us scientific experts when it comes to safely opening locks!

We use a high grade set of lock picking tools, which include tension wrenches, a hook pick, a snake rake, a half diamond pick and a double round pick to get each unique lock opened. The tools vary in diameter and size, depending on the task at hand. We also use a slim jim to create a wedge deep enough to unlock the door from the inside. This process causes absolutely no harm or damage to the door panel, which doesn’t need to be ripped out. Our method is safe, quick and customer approved! We’ll have you out of a jam immediately!

Quality is another important factor to take into consideration. You always receive the highest quality services with Northern Group Locksmith Toronto. We never use any cheap lock picking instruments nor would we ever consider it! We delve directly into the problem by picking through the pin tumbler mechanism to activate the lock. Once the lock is safely opened, you will then be able to enter your property. Each wrench serves a different purpose, but the main principle is to unlock the door in the shortest time frame.

We highly recommend making a spare key for potential emergency lockout situations. We fine craft the new key within minutes and present it to you. No need to spend an outrageous sum of money anymore! We’re on call 24/7 all throughout Toronto. Don’t let a broken lock prevent you from enjoying your day.

For our Toronto lock picking services call (647) 955-0892