Toronto Intercom System Installation Services

Premium Intercom System Installation Solutions in Toronto

Northern Group Locksmith believes that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with really good security. That is why we do our best to provide top quality security services. Boasting years of experience in the lock &key industry, we are fully trained in the complexities of electronic security systems as well as in traditional locking mechanisms. Our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day for any emergency security needs, including intercom installation solutions.

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Intercom systems are designed to enhance your ability to protect your family. Northern Group Locksmith technicians can visit your home to offer estimates and customize a plan for an intercom system that will be perfect for your needs.

Benefits of an intercom system include the following:

◾ Increased Security. One of the ultimate reasons for a homeowner to install an intercom system has to do with the increased security an intercom provides. The two-way intercom system allows for verbal contact with a visitor to confirm that they belong before opening a front door. Though many of us don’t necessarily think about answering the door as dangerous, there has been a rise in home invasions in the last few years.

◾ Ease of Communication. An intercom system is not just two-way communication between the door and the interior of the house. Properly designed intercom systems allow for easier communication throughout the entire house. Not only can you dismiss unwanted sales people, but you can also tell friends and family to come in or that you’re coming to them.

◾ Monitoring House Activity. As a parent, it’s a luxury to allow your children to play in another room, especially when you can continue to monitor their activities through an intercom system. Intercoms also allow homeowners to monitor separate floors and wings of a house without needing to move from room to room.

Northern Group Locksmith technicians are ready and willing to help install an intercom system in your home. Each of our vehicles is equipped with the tools and software needed for any of our services. We always show up prepared and make sure we do the job right.

In addition to intercom installation, our technicians can improve your home security through master key system creation, deadbolt installation, rekey services and even surveillance system integration in your home.

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