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Best Ignition Key Replacement Solutions in Toronto

Having served the entire GTA area for many years now, Northern Group Locksmith’s staff has seen the power of a single key. A tiny piece of metal only a few ounces in size can ground an entire vehicle and leave you feeling trapped. The purpose of a locksmith service like ours is to ensure that you are never stranded by the loss of your key. Our immediate response policy ensures our non-stop availability, night and day!

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If you’ve lost an ignition key, broken it off in the ignition or locked it in the car, you can count on our technicians to get that key back in your hand. We will arrive at your location fast. of your call. We fully guarantee top performance and complete customer satisfaction.

As the years have passed and security technology has advanced, the car ignition mechanism has greatly evolved. Traditionally, an ignition is a kind of tumbler lock which uses a number of pins in varying configurations to immobilize the inner cylinder. The ignition key is inserted and aligns the pins along the shear line, allowing the inner cylinder to rotate and start the engine.

In the past couple of decades, ignition keys have changed from this traditional lock mechanism to varying forms boasting increased security. Ignition keys can be sidewinder or laser cut keys, which require that a groove be carved out of the side of the key with a special tool. In recent years, nearly all vehicle manufacturers have made the transition to transponder key security systems.

Transponder keys, smart keys, chip keys—there are many names for the keys that now control passive and active security systems in vehicles. In a vehicle with such a system, the entire engine can be immobilized if the transponder chip is missing.

In many of the newest vehicles, there isn’t even an ignition since the computer chip simply syncs with the vehicle and starts the car at the touch of a button. Dealing with these much more complex ignition transponder keys requires the proper tools and software to carefully reprogram a key with the proper code or reprogram a car to accept the code of a new key.

Northern Group Locksmith is proud to provide the most affordable key programing and replacement services in the area. We work quickly, professionally and effectively to service nearly every make and model available on the market.

When it comes to ignition key replacement, we believe you deserve the best service that can be rendered. Each member of our team is trained and licensed to offer comprehensive lock & key services. Remember, your security is our top priority.

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