How to Make Your Own Security Cams Video

Hottest Security Cameras Availble on the Market

Security cams allow you to keep track of everything that’s going on in your home and around it. There are a multitude of security cams available in the U.S. and Canada, different models by many different manufacturers, it may be difficult to choose the security cam best suited to your needs. We’ve gathered for you useful info about the five best selling security cams, info that will make it easier to zoom in on the model that fit the bill in your case.

General Requirements
In general what you should look for in a security cam is that it will be easy to set up and use, that it is attractive but at the same time discreet, that you will be able to check in easily from anywhere (via the internet, from your phone, a tablet or any computer), that it provides you with clear, high quality images, that it’s reliable and will serve you well for many years. Price is naturally also something to consider, especially if you intend to install a relatively large number of cams.

The D-Link DCS-233L, Wireless Day/Night Outdoor Security Cam
D-Link’s DCS-233L model provides excellent streaming video all through the day and night. It is intended for outdoor use, is extremely reliable and offers motion detection and email alert features. You can buy this cam for around 180$.

The Piper NV by Icontrol Networks
Although a relatively new player in the security cam market Icontrol Network has produced an excellent model, the Piper NV. This security cam doubles as a home automation hub allowing you remote control over any smart device you’ve installed in your home. It has night vision and a super fast processor. The Piper NV will cost you over 250$.

Whiting Security Cam / Baby Monitor
Whiting has come up with an innovative security cam that doubles as a high quality baby monitor. This combo costs around 250$ but obviously buying a security cam and a baby monitor separately will cost you more so if you need a baby monitor this cam is a good choice.

The Canary All-In-One Security Device
This security cam is an interesting attempt to combine several home monitoring features into one device. It allows you to keep track not only of what’s going on (by way of streaming 1080p video) but also has sensors for monitoring air quality, temperature and humidity. This model is great value for money at around 200$.

Netgear’s VMS 3230 Arlo Security System
This model by Netgear (veterans in the field of security cams as well as other wireless communication devices, routers etc.) can be simply placed virtually anywhere and immediately and autonomously begin to feed you high quality video of its whereabouts, it also features email alerts, recording and many other functions but has limited battery power. The VMS 3230 is undoubtedly an excellent security cam but it costs around 300$.

Besides the above mentioned five best selling models there are many others which may be better suited to your needs, among the ones to check out are the Nest Cam, Flir’s FXV101-H, Kuna, Logi Circle and Whiting’s home surveillance cam.