Professional Door Installation in Toronto

NG Offers Expert Door Installation Services

Doors are extremely important, on the one hand they serve as a barrier stopping any unauthorized entry to our homes or businesses and on the other they should provide easy access to those we wish to grant such access to.

So far as interior doors are concerned their function is similar to that of front doors but, naturally, they need not be as secure. The emphasis with interior doors is on providing privacy to family members (in case of interior doors in homes) or employees (in case of commercial interior doors).

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There are many kinds of doors, they may be manufacturer from several materials (mainly wood, steel and glass), a combination of materials may be used (wooden doors with glass panes for instance), there are infinite designs intended to be both functional as well as attractive.

There are also doors made to provide solutions to more specific needs, fire rated doors for instance (also known as “fire proof doors”), automatic doors or doors for the handicapped.

Whatever type of door is involved, once the door itself has been selected and purchased it must be properly installed. Door installation requires skill and experience, it is a job best left up to professionals. An improperly installed door will undoubtedly begin to malfunction with time.

Northern Group Locksmith Toronto is a veteran provider of door installation services. Our techs are well trained and highly experienced, they are just the type of craftsmen you want in charge of installing your new door, whatever type of door it may be.

Top Class Service for Hard to Beat Prices

Northern Group Locksmith is dedicated to providing residents and business owners in Toronto with top class, comprehensive locksmith services, door installation naturally among them.

We boast a long list of satisfied customers and invite you to also become one of them. Our techs are all highly skilled professionals equipped with the necessary knowhow, experience and tools of trade ensuring they will get the job done for you  in a manner no less than perfect.

Whether it’s a new exterior door or any type of interior door, we can install it for you better and faster than anyone else can.

Northern Group Locksmith Toronto is extremely service oriented, we value your time and go to great lengths in order to provide you with the service you need quickly and efficiently. This is especially important so far as commercial door installation is concerned so as to minimize disturbance to a business’s normal operation.

Our honest billing policy ensures our rates are hard to beat. We will give you an attractive quote and remain true to it, no surprises or hidden fees.

Our comprehensive door installation service includes:

  • Residential door installation (any type of door)
  • Commercial door installation (any type of door)
  • Installing an Automatic door opener
  • Installing a handicapped door opener
  • Door alignment
  • Exterior door installation
  • Installing fire rated doors

For our door installation services in Toronto call (647) 955-0892