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Northern Group Locksmith is the GTA’ leading security services provider. We are available around the clock and offer premium CCTV installation solutions & access control systems for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and all across the GTA. Our experienced security technicians will arrive at your location as quick as possible (traffic dependable)  and provide top quality CCTV cameras designed to enhance the overall security of your surroundings.

Northern Group Locksmith fully guarantees excellent performance and 100% customer satisfaction, day and night!

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Please take a few moments to think of the venues across the GTA that became victims of vandalism, burglary, theft or any other type of violence… These locations certainly lost something they didn’t have to!

If the owners of these locations had installed CCTV cameras, they may have been able to help the police catch the perpetrators of those crimes. Moreover, they may have been able to prevent those crimes in the first place! If the potential offenders knew that CCTV cameras were installed, they may have thought twice before committing the crime.

Let Northern Group Locksmith security pros reach a helping hand! Although you may have some idea about where you want the cameras to be installed, you should consult an expert before you make any decisions. Our security professionals can help you determine the exact location your home security system should be placed at for optimal performance.

Remember, in order to be genuinely effective your CCTV cameras need to be able to clearly capture the faces of the people you are monitoring! If you want to be able to provide law enforcement authorities with the type of footage that can be admissible in court, you need professional help with your home security systems.

You may or may not have the correct tools. However, you never have to worry about that if you choose to have a Northern Group Locksmith professional conduct your security camera installation. We are fully committed to the ultimate security of our customers. You will receive an upfront quote on any job you order. Our transparent pricing policy ensures that our service involve no hidden fees!

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